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· Green Dot Awards

· Australian Business Awards
The Australian Business Awards is a national awards program recognising success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors.

· National eWell-Being Awards
The National eWell-Being Awards are unique in celebrating the social, economic and environmental benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The aim is to identify and promote the most innovative uses of ICT by local authorities, bu...more

· Groundwork Yorkshire and the Humber Environmental Awards for Business
The nature of the awards is carefully designed to reflect the facets of good environmental performance where business can really benefit from the proactive control of issues and concurrently obtain business and environmental benefits. Awards will be...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Responsible Business
Eligible: Private Sector This will be awarded to the company or group of companies that can demonstrate that it has successfully managed corporate social responsibility issues including the social, environmental and economic impacts that they have on...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Resource Efficiency - Public Sector
Eligible: Public Sector (partnership with Private Sector acceptable)Awarded to public sector projects delivering energy or water conservation and also for activities that demonstrate good waste management practices, i.e. energy efficiency and recover...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Resource Efficiency - Private Sector
Eligible: Private Sector (no partnerships with public authorities permitted under this category)Awarded to private sector projects delivering energy or water conservation and also for activities demonstrating good waste management practices, i.e. ene...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Pauline Mousdell Changing Lives Award
Awarded for community projects that help people to live more sustainable lives, whether through training, awareness campaigns, networking or practical action in relation to one or more subjects. Examples of eligible activities include: saving energy,...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Eco Schools
Rewarding schools demonstrating an active and comprehensive commitment to putting the principles of sustainable development into practice.The Judging Panel will be looking for innovative approaches that demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainabili...more

· Rushlight Awards
The Rushlight Awards celebrate and promote the leading environmental technology and innovation developed by organisations throughout UK and Ireland. There are specific categories covering renewable energy, clean fuels, power generation, waste and po...more

· The St Andrews Prize for the Environment
The primary objective of the St Andrews Prize is to find innovative solutions to environmental problems. The solutions should be practical, combining good science, economic reality and political acceptability. They should also have the potential fo...more

· RTPI Planning Awards
To recognise the diversity of planning achievement from all parts of the British Isles.

· Environment Awards for Kent Business
Large or small business in Kent can enter to compete for the honour of becoming Kent Environment Business of the Year

· Oxygen Awards
OXYGEN AWARDS 2007The organisers of the Oxygen Awards welcome any candidatures from the 1st of February, the awards this year will be held on the 9th of November.Remember be there and show you care!! In an effort to applaud and encourage the cities, ...more

· DEBI Environmental Awards
The purpose of DEBI's environmental awards is to highlight good environmental practice and to draw attention to the benefits achieved as an example and inspiration to others.

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